Handmade furniture and joinery

We work closely with a well-established team of Polish handworkers in joinery and carpentry who in specialize in manufacturing of high-end handmade products. We are able to provide and design a broad variety of products from a single coffee table to intricate wardrobes and cabinets. Our furniture is made from the highest quality wood. We work with wide range of materials from fabric to wallpapers, to glass and metals.

Bespoke lowboard 

  • orginal handles matching to the apartment theme
  • all the shelves and drawers adjusted to the clients' needs
  • unique design


Bespoke bookcase for entire wall

  • on the bottom cupboards with a tip-on mechanism (protected from children)
  • on the left side a slide-out shell for a projector


Bespoke bathroom furniture

  • all the shelves and drawers adjusted to the clients' needs
  • slide mechanism under the counter (for washing maschine and dryer)
  • hidden ventilation for for washing maschine and dryer
  • orginal handles matching to the apartment theme 

  • unique design and high quality materials
  • unique movable towel hanger 

Shower stall 

  • size and pattern of the shower steel matching to interior design 

  • modern and high quality materials
  • easy to clean metarials  
  • unique and modern design 


Bespoke coffee table

  • shape and colour matching to the apartment design 

  • high quality materials (steel and glass) 

  • unique design 

Bespoke kitchen 

  • all the shelves, cupboards and drawers adjusted to the clients' needs
  •  wall protection with a wallpaper underneath 
  • marble countertop

Bespoke highboard

  • all the shelves and drawers adjusted to the clients' needs

  • orginal colortone and openings matching to the apartment theme

  • unique design and high quality wood


Bespoke bench with separeted pillows 

  • nails adapted to room theme

  • shape and dimensions matching to room design 

  • high quality and unique materials (fabric, steel and nails)


and many more...

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